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TUIPOINT – Smart Queuing

A innovative, easy to use, time-saving App


TUIPOINT is a fast growing, smart queuing mobile application.  The App works in real time allowing end-users to join the virtual queue from anywhere, without actually having to physically visit the shop or site. It keeps clients informed of their position in the queue.  TUIPOINT  lets your Phone queue for you.

The key advantages of our system are:


  • frustrated clients no longer spend often long periods of time sitting in a crowded waiting area
  • they have a clear idea of when it’s their turn and get notification reminders
  • walk-ins can join a queue via an in-store tablet and are more informed
  • clients can join via a web App (using your pc or laptop) or mobile App and are equally informed
  • less frustrated, crowded clients stressing out employees
  • less people in close proximity for less time while better informed ultimately results in a better experience



Designed by Founder/CEO Matt Brooks the App is currently operating in busy barber shops in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  An extensive testing program over the past 18 months has ensured the App does exactly what it has been designed to do.

Matt is an accomplished web designer, talented entrepreneur, confessed workaholic and he is passionate about life improvement.

We are pleased to announce the recent investment in TUIPOINT by entrepreneur Guy Howard-Willis. Guy is co-founder of the Torpedo7 and 1-day businesses which were purchased by the Warehouse Group in 2013 after 9 years of highly successful operation.  Along with his son Luke he is involved in property, finance, manufacturing and other businesses, including the Manta5 hydrofoil bike that received the gold award in the NZ Best Awards 2017. Guy’s mentoring, experience and knowledge will help take TUIPOINT global.

Last updated 17 March 2020

TUIPOINT 2018-2020 – let your Phone queue for you