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Advanced Bookings – Barber

The “Make an advanced booking” button is also available to the barber so that they can add an advanced booking on behalf of a customer.  Under the “Profiletab click “Lobby” and then the “Make an advanced booking button” enter the customers first name and contact number followed by the date, barber, time, service and confirm.



Advanced Bookings – For Today

If a barber has the “Advance Booking option set up for Today then when a customer clicks on that barber to join the queue the pop-up box will offer two options, “Join the Queue” or “Advanced Booking”.  The customer can choose to advance book which will populate a list of time options but with a buffer of 2 hours after the last person in the current queue.

Advance Bookings Only

Advance Bookings Only” is an additional feature available for each barber who has “Advance Bookings” set up and only displays if this is the case. The advanced bookings only toggle switch displays if the barber has setup advanced bookings for today.  The key difference is that the queue is not operating for this barber and is replaced with specific time slots as setup in the “Global Settings” tab in the Admin Panel.

This feature lets customers choose a specific time slot across the time frame that Advance Bookings have been set for. One key difference is that the 2 hour buffer that applies to regular Advance Bookings does not apply.

The barber can also add a walk-in customer through the My Chair tab by clicking the “Add To Queue” button, selecting “Advance Booking” adding the customers details, selecting Today from the Calendar screen, choosing the next available time slot, the service required and confirming. The “Advanced Bookings” tab below the “Add To Queue” button displays all Upcoming customer bookings.

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