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Advanced Bookings – Customer

Providing the Barbershop has activated this feature The Customer has several ways that they can make an “Advance Booking“.
If their intention is to make an Advanced Booking for Today then they can click on the barber of their choice, if Advanced Bookings have been turned on for that barber for Today the next screen will offer 3 options, Join the Queue, Advanced Booking or Cancel.  Selecting “Advanced Booking” will offer available times for Today however there is a 2 hour buffer period after the last customer service in the current queue.

Advanced Bookings Only

If the barber has activated the “Advanced Bookings Only” option the same choices will display but without the 2 hour buffer period.

Selecting a Date

If the customer is interested in an “Advanced Booking” for a date other than Today they can select this by clicking the “Make an advanced booking” button on the main Barbershop screen. This option is available (once again providing it is being used) regardless of whether or not the shop queues are running, are full or even if the shop is closed. When the customer clicks on the “Make an advanced booking” button they will be presented with a screen where they can “Choose a date or select a barber”. 


Choosing their favourite barber will display a calendar highlighting today and the next 14 days (or the number of days set in Global Settings for this parameter), the customer chooses a date that suits and clicks Next at the top right of their screen. The customer then selects a time slot that suits (time slot lengths can be set in  Global Setting) and the service they want, continue to Checkout, Confirm and Pay.

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