Operating & Setup Guide

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Joining a Queue

When your Barbershop first begins to use TUIPOINT Smart Queuing there is an initial education stage while customers are informed of the new way to Queue and advised to download the App and use for their next visit. The Customer App is covered in more detail in the Customer Operating Guide.

Walk-ins who have not yet downloaded the App can be handled in several different ways.  All customers should be encouraged to download the App in-shop immediately by scanning the QR code on your window, mirror or business card.



Joining the Queue from your Barbershop Tablet


Those customers that either don’t wish to, don’t have their phone with them or simply don’t have a smartphone, can join a barbers queue in one of 3 ways.

In the Lobby screen of your tablet they can select their barber of choice, click “Join the Queue”, enter their name and contact number (both are optional), select the service(s) they want and click “Add Service”, click “Continue” and finally click “Join Queue”.  If the customer chooses “Skip” on name and number they will be displayed in the queue as “Guest”.

Join the Queue from the Staff Panel

The second option is that the Barbershop can add the customer directly from the Staff button in their Dashboard. Click the “Add To Queue” button, click the “Add” button on the service(s) the customer wants and then click the large “ADD” button bottom right to confirm. The customer will display as “Guest”.

Join the Queue from your Personal Phone

The third option is that the barber can also add a customer as a Guest through their own phone App in the “My Chair” tab

It’s important to note that whenever a customer is added as a Guest in this way or through the Lobby their data is not captured by the App.  This means they don’t default to your barbershop when they use the App and your customer records are not updated with their contact details.  Encouraging all customers to download and use the App will build loyalty to Your barbershop.

TUIPOINT 2018-2020 – let your Phone queue for you