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Advance Booking – Set Up

Advance bookings are a completely optional setting and the default is OFF

This feature can be used in various different ways.  For example it can be used to provide VIP customers with an advanced booking option on a couple of specific days for a fixed time frame and for a specific barber.  Another example could be to provide parents of school age children an afternoon window of time where they can make an after school booking that fits in with their plans for the day. Alternatively it can be turned on for all barbers for all days and hours that they work.  It is fully customisable by barber, by day, by time slot length and by time frame.
To access Advanced Bookings settings select Admin – Staff – Edit Staff Member then click on the Advanced Bookings tab on the top right. The two images below simply confirm the Shop Opening hours and those of a specific barber.

Time Segments

Advanced bookings work in whatever time segments and number of days ahead that suits your business the best.  In the Admin panel click the Global Settings button and choose the number of days ahead that you will allow customers to place Advance Bookings (eg 14 days – 2 weeks) and the time segment in minutes between each Advance Booking slot. Logically these time segments could be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes as these will present the clearest times including each full hour. As a general rule the time segments should match the length of your most popular service or the average length of all of your most popular services.


NB: It’s important to note that the end time under the Advanced Bookings tab is different from the same field under the Working Hours tab.  Under Advanced Bookings the end time is in fact the last time a booking can be made, so if set at 17:30 then a booking can be made that starts at 17:30 and (depending on the service chosen) might end at say 18:15.  So if the shop closes at 17:30 then the Advanced Bookings end time should be set at 16:30 or 17:00 so that it doesn’t run much over either the shop or barber’s end of day.

View Advance Bookings

In the “Profile” tab under “Staff” clicking on the “View Queue” button for any barber will display the “Current Queue” and clicking on “Advanced Bookings” will show all “Upcoming” advanced bookings.

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