Can walk-ins join a queue?

Yes. Customers who walk in can join a barbers queue there and then by using the Shops tablet or ipad and joining in the Lobby.  Here they can see all barbers (including the earliest) when the chair is free and how long the wait will be. They can then choose to sit and wait or leave and carry on with their day.

How does Tuipoint differ from a calendar appointment system?

Tuipoint is foremostly a live online queuing system showing you all available barbers, what time their chair is free and how long the wait is. Customers can queue from anywhere without the need to visit the barbershop.  There is also a fully customisable advanced booking option that operates much the same as an appointment system.

Can the app be customised?

Yes the App can be customised to run as your own App using your Barbershop name (with Tuipoint colours). There is a one-off build cost of $699 plus GST and a subscription cost of $129 per month (plus GST).  The App can also be fully customised with your colours. There is a one-off POA build cost and a subscription cost of $129 per month (plus GST).  In addition many of the features built into the App can also be customised.

Is there a limit to the number of barbers I can set up per shop?

You can add up to 10 barbers per shop on the Tuipoint App. If you need more we’ll sort something out!

What's the cancellation policy?

When downloading Tuipoint you commit to a one month rolling contract. You can therefore cancel at anytime by giving one month’s notice.

Can I view my Barbershop remotely?

Providing you have an adequate internet connection you can manage the Tuipoint App and by extension your shop (or shops) from anywhere in the world!

Can I contact my customers?

Yes. The App lets you send updates and shop promotions to your full client base (or all staff) at no extra charge using free notifications (not SMS) and also via email.

How can I be sure my client's data is secure?

Tuipoint takes the protection of data extremely seriously. For more information on this please see our Privacy Policy.

Is Tuipoint compatible with laptops?

Yes, as well as operating on the Apple or Android platforms the App is web browser enabled and can be run on your laptop or PC.